Protect your Head Quarters, Branches and Remote Users from Threats coming from the Web..

Our Cloud Based Security Services, provide a powerful and quick to deploy web security solution that combines, state of the art technologies in spyware, malware and antivirus protection that enforce your security policies to keep safe your users, online and offline.


Spyware and virus protection..

Our Web Security Service uses a continually updated database to identify and block access to sites known to host spyware and viruses. It also detects installed spyware trying to access the Internet. Once discovered, it blocks the spyware activity and notifies the administrator.

Using dual-layer virus blocking, decompressing archives, and blocking file types, the antivirus engine  protects the network from aggressive viruses.

The Malware Removal Tool performs a comprehensive scan of computers for any traces of spyware or other malware. This thorough scan quickly identifies potential threats residing on a computer and provides the option to remove those that have been found.


Content Filtering

Our  Web Security Service provides flexible controls to identify online activity. Our Aministrators can create for you, policies that control user access to commonly visited websites using more than 90 content categories including pornography, violence, hacking, sports, news, dating, shopping, chat, and more. Content filtering policies can be customized to restrict specific websites or look for patterns in web addresses. Policies that control web file downloads based on their file types, can also be created.