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Point of Sales

Our Point of Sale (POS)  is based on a smart interface that everyone can use without difficulty. The POS can be used online or offline and on any kind of hardware. 

Our POS is fully integrated with  inventory  and accounting modules. It means that any transaction that you make with the POS will automatically be registered in your inventory and accounting management systems. Our POS includes extra features such as customer service and creation of invoices.

You will be able to run real time statistics and consolidations across all your shops without the hassle of integrating several applications.

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Warehouse Management System

Decrease your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete traceability on all operations with the double entry inventory system.

Based on the double entry system that revolutionized accounting, this open source inventory management system isn't about consumption, loss or missing products. Products are just moved from one location to another.

Benefits include:

  • full traceability, from customer to suppllier, not limited to your warehouse. 
  • advanced reporting, eg inventory valuation on manufacturing counterparts' locations.
  • very simple interface.

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Manufacturing Resource Planning

Full featured Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), including full traceability, bar code scanners, multi-warehouses, logistic routes, multi-level BoMs, advance routings, etc.

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Elegant and full featured, our accounting software is for businesses of any size. Our Accounting offers a better way for your accounting team to work with customers and suppliers.

Activate features on demand; from integrated analytic accounting to budget, assets and multiple companies consolidation.

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Purchase Management

Automate procurement propositions, launch requests for quotations, track purchase orders, manage suppliers' information, control product receivals and check suppliers' invoices - you can do all that and much more with our purchase management system.

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e-Commerce software is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Get an awesome catalog of products and great product description pages.

It's full-featured, integrated with your management software, fully customizable and super easy.

The built-in cross-selling feature helps you offer extra products related to what the shopper puts in their cart.

The upselling tool shows visitors similar but more expensive products from your database. You can even add incentives.