About us

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A solid reputation - with an international foot print!

VDROID Research USA is a High Tech Business Solutions Company, founded in February 2016, by Eng. David Berroa and Jose Vargas PhD(c), in the State of Massachusetts, USA. It has now  20 employees and 2 offices (Massachusetts,USA and San Jose, Costa Rica).

Our Aim

We believe that companies should not deal with the complexity of technologies in order to grow, instead they should focus on what they do best - their core business and certainly we are here to help.

Our  Mission  

Is to research on the latest advances of science and technology in order to develop state of the art solutions that will help small, medium and large companies to grow and run their business, seamlessly and cost effectively.

We are a company with social responsibility, conscious about the value we need to deliver to our society and the planet as a whole.

Our  Values

  • Integrity.
  • Honesty.
  • We value people.
  • We are partners.
  • We value and promote efficiency.
  • We value and promote innovation.